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HSD ES909 ISO30 TC Spindle


The ES909 spindle is no longer available as a new item. CNC Support Ltd does have re furbished units in stock from time to time. We can rebuild these units or offer a new alternative replacement. Please contact us for further information.


CNC1090 High Speed Spindle

The CNC1090 router spindle is a 5.5kw 24000rpm unit suitable for precision high speed routing applications. It is used extensively by CNC Support Ltd for retrofit applications. The unit can be used to replace obsolete units from Colombo, Elte and other manufacturers.

CNC Support Ltd is the sole UK stockist of this spindle.

Weight 14.30 kg

Wadkin CC2000 Retrofit

Wadkin CC2000 Retrofit.

This machine has been re engineered with –

New osai 10/110 CNC Control.
HSD 7.5Kw Auto toolchange spindle.
8 Station rotary toolchanger.
Vacuum pod table.

Wadkin F type head

Wadkin F type head 415volt 140 volt.

We have exchange units, outright purchase units or we can rebuild your spindle. Greased for life or oil type.


We also have smooth bodied F type spindles for the Wadkin CC2000 type machines.

CNC1073 Router Spindle


Rated Voltage 380 V ± 10%
Rated Frequency 300 Hz
Rated Current (S1Service S1
Function under constant load of a duration sufficient to allow the motor to attain a thermal equilibrium.
The corresponding abbreviation is S1. (Standard IEC EN 60034-1) ) 4 A
Rated Power (S1Service S1

Rated Torque (S1Service S1) 0.8 Nm
Rated Current (S6 40%) 4.8 A
Rated Power (S6 40%) 1.8 kW
Rated Torque (S6 40%) 0.95 Nm
Poles 2
Power factor cosφ 0.75
Rated efficiency η 0.75
Cooling Forced air cooling
Insulation class (EN60034) F
Protection type IP 50

Morbidelli router spindle

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Omlat AutoTC router spindle

11kw Omlat router spindle ,water cooled, IS)40 tool holding. Used on Rye MA CNC with auto toolchangers. also Wadkin Omega range of CNC machines.

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Coborn HT7 router spindle

Coborn HT7 router spindle, 7kw, speeds up to 20,000rpm

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CT Control Techniques CDE550 inverter

CT Control Techniques CDE550 inverter.

CT Control Techniques CDE550 inverter

CT Control Techniques CDE550 inverter

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Perske 4.8kw router spindle

Perske 4.8kw router spindle, standard fitment on Rye MG2400 Rye Gemini Rye MA etc..


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