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Weeke Venture Spindle rebuild

We can fully rebuild your Weeke Homag Venture spindle with new ceramic bearings.

Spindles are completely rebuilt to manufacturers tolerances. Dynamically balanced. Tool clamping force reset.

Fast turnaround from our dedicated spindle team.

CNC Routers in stock


We currently have the following machines available.

Please email or call for more information.

  • SCM Record 220. Num CNC system, 7.5kw spindle. Auto toolchanger. Becker 250 pump
  • Rye MG3020 with 8 station auto toolchanger and new CNC Retrofitted system.
  • Rye MG2420 Multi head 8 x 4 vacuum matrix bed. New NumPass CNC system
  • MA1500 gemini 1700 x 1000 CNC router with 8 station auto toolchanger and new NumPass CNC system.

New CNC Dynamics routers in stock –
3m x 2m
10′ x 5′
8′ x 4′

Any of our machines can be offered with customer specific functions. –

Auto loaders
Reverse engineering functions
Specific HSE functionality
A whole range of spindle options. Routing, Milling, Drilling, Knife cutting.

Woodworking Spindle Rebuild

CNC Router head and spindle rebuilds for Rye CNC and Wadkin CNC

Wadkin Rye Woodworking Spindles

CNC Support Ltd carries out router head rebuilds for Wadkin spindles and Rye spindles. These spindles, though obsolete can still offer many years of service. We have stock of exchange rebuilt spindles available next day.

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Our dedicated spindle rebuild department is staffed by engineers with rebuild experience dating back to the inception of CNC into the woodworking industry. To avoid downtime during rebuild we offer loan heads for most CNC machines, SCM Rye Wadkin.

Using the latest in spindle condition monitoring technology

• Imbalance • Mechanical condition (vibration) • Bearing condition (vibration) • Tool nose run-out • Clamp force • EM distance (ISO / HSK) • Belt tension • Speed accuracy • Resonance frequency • Balancing

Vacuum Pods

CNC Dynamics Vacuum Pod, Aluminium Case, Phenolic Top, Suitable with all our Dynamics Machines. Part No – 6118

Vacuum Pod  Vacuum Pod   Vacuum Pod


Toolholder Tornado Spandex Tekcel ER32

ER32 ISO30 Long Series

ER32 ISO30 toolholder

Longer series body, suitable for Spandex Tornado machines, Tekcel and similar.

Part number 17049

ISO 30 toolholder 17076

Oz25 Toolholder

ISO 30 toolholder Part number – 17076

Takes 444 type collet 3mm to 25mm

ISO30 taper

Din 6987

ER32 collet

ER32 collets from stock, all sizes available.


Collet 17068

Collet used for Andi and Rye toolholding.

Range 3mm to 25mm or imperial equivelant.

Collet nuts and / or auto TC toolholders also available.


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Toolholder clip SCM HSK

Toolholder clip SCM HSK

SCM HSK Toolholder Clip    SCM HSK Toolholder Clip

Pullstuds and Drawbars

Gripper / Petal collet
ISO30 type
Part number 17059

Gripper Assembly

Gripper Assembly

Omlat Colombo HSD Andi Wadkin CMS and other types of heavy duty router spindles

We stock most popular types of pull stud and Drawbars.

We can also test and recalibrate the  clamping force of your spindles.


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