CNC Retrofit

CNC Re Engineering

Num Flexium CNC DynamicsCNC Support Ltd can retrofit a new CNC control to your machine. We provide our customers with options on the type of CNC controller rather than just offering one product.

We can retrofit complete digital or analogue CNC systems. We also retrofit new HSD spindle systems.

CNC Support Ltd is the approved systems integrator for Num CNC. We offer the Num 1020 and Num 1040 range of systems plus the Num Flexium digital CNC.


We have a new high speed 5 axis conversion package now available.
CNC Support offers a range of CNC controller upgrades replacing early units which have limited Ram memory and poor contouring.
We can also offer retrofitted router spindles and electro spindles.

CNC control retrofit
5 axis CNC conversions.
CNC Routing with automation.
Automatic toolchanger retrofit.
Vacuum pump systems.
Renishaw probing systems.


Num CNC Control Retrofit

CNC Support Ltd is the Authorised Systems Integrator for Num CNC Controls and Servo Systems.

For the past 19 years CNC Support Ltd has been retrofitting Num CNC controllers to CNC machining centres.

Our CNC control retrofits can take place at customers’ premises or at our facility. The complete conversion is carried out by our engineers, from fitting and wiring to complete PLC and drive optimisation. This ensures that your new CNC controller is ‘futureproof’. If you need additional features or any changes in future years then it’s easily handled by CNCSupport Ltd.


Our latest system gives the benefit of Windows based operator interface. High speed block processing and massive RAM memory function.

Part programs can be loaded directly by USB memory stick, wired or wireless network.

We can also provide remote log in service facilities for this system. Our engineers can remotely assist with error messages, programming etc.




Rye QM2512 CNC Retrofit

Rye QM CNC Router with Omicron 3000 CNC controller removed and replaced with new Osai 10/110. Old Colombo router heads replaced with CNC1090 spindles.



CNC Support Automatic Toolchanger Retrofit

We can retrofit fully automatic toolchanger system to existing machines. We can also build machines to customers specific requirements.

Osai 10 CNC Control

A further addition to the 10/Series family, the new model 10/110 for the control of 3 interpolating axes and spindle.

The innovative feature of this new retrofit package is its highly integrated packaging, the result of careful and thorough research, by OSAI and CNC Support Ltd, to keep up with technical developments and the increasing integration of electronic components. The entire numerical control complete with 72 local I/O for field management, the operator panel with a TFT 10.4″ colour display and the operator console now only take the space occupied by the operator panel alone.


All CNC auxiliary components have been integrated in a single hardware module which makes installation extremely easy and eliminates the cables usually necessary between CNC and operator panel; this implies lower costs for the entire system (wiring and electric cabinet).
Machines are modified with many outdated wiring methods removed.
Operation is simplified as are the maintenance requirements for these machines.

Wadkin CC2000 Retrofit

Wadkin CC2000 Retrofit.

This machine has been re engineered with –

New osai 10/110 CNC Control.
HSD 7.5Kw Auto toolchange spindle.
8 Station rotary toolchanger.
Vacuum pod table.