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ER32 – ISO30 Tool Clamp Stand

ISO 30 Toolholder Stand   DSCN2574  DSCN2575

A simple and safe method of cutter changing when using HSK63 or ISO30 toolholders.

This equipment is supplied with our new range of CNC Dynamics Routers for use with auto tool changers and our auto set up functionality.

Available in ER32 – Part Number 17053ER32

Available in HSK63 – Part Number 17053HSK

CNC Support Ltd can supply all ISO30 and HSK63 toolholders, collets and release spanners from stock for next day delivery.

HSD CNC1073 Spindle


CNC1073 Spindles have Er25 Tool Holding.

They are used on a variety of CNC Machines and in Robotic machining applications.

We have new Spindles in stock or we can rebuild your existing Spindle.

380 Volts

24000 RPM


Rear Mounted

Uses ER25 Collets

Weighs 8.7Kg

HSD CNC1055-090 Mini Spindle


HSD MT1055-090 Spindle CNC1055
ER20 collet size
380 V
24000 rpm
Rear Mounted
Weighs 4Kg
Used in many Robotic Routing applications

HSD ES915 3.8KW 5HP Long Nose

HSD ES915 Long Nose


Dual Voltage: 220 / 380V
Power: 5 HP, 3.8 KW                                                       
Speed: 24,000 RPM
Tool Holder: ISO 30                                                               




HSD ES929  HSD ES929

New HSD ES929 In Stock
Long Nose and short nose versions in stock.
These spindles can be fitted to Masterwood, Homag ,Weeke and other modern CNC machining centres.
Fan Cooled or Air Cooled
ISO30 and HSK63F Tool Clamping
Rear Mounted
We can also offer a rapid rebuild service, bringing the spindles back to manufacture specification.

Router spindle kit


CNC Support Ltd can supply router spindle kits. These kits can replace existing router spindles or mount onto other types of machinery. Kits can be complete with spindle, pre set inverter and cabling if necessary.
The images show the CNC1090 with a new digital inverter.

HSD ES794 spindle

ISO40 tool holders
Liquid cooled marble and stone application, with cooling through shaft:
Power S1/S6 6Kw/7,2Kw
Tool Blocking Automatic with pneumatic piston
Nose Short Nose
Ratered Voltage 380V
Encoder HSD
Poles 4
Bearings lubrification Long Life lubricated
Max Rpm 12000,00
Spindle Body Alluminium Alloy
Cooling Liquid

HSD ES330 spindle

Part number ES330 – H6161090A6
Power S1/S6 4,0Kw/4,5Kw
Tool Blocking Automatic with pneumatic piston Nose Short Nose
Rated Voltage 380V
Poles 4
Bearings Front Ceramic
Bearings Rear Ceramic
Bearings lubrication Long Life lubricated Max Rpm 24000,00 Spindle Body Alluminium Alloy Cooling Electic-Fan

HSD ES929 Router spindle

HSD ES929   HSD ES929

Power S1/S6 12Kw/14Kw
Tool locking –  Automatic with pneumatic piston
Short or long Nose
Rated Voltage 380V
Poles 4
Bearings Front Ceramic
Bearings Rear Ceramic
Bearings Long Life lubricated
Max Rpm 24000,00
Weight 26,00Kg
Spindle Body Aluminium Alloy
Cooling Liquid or for

Spindle used for heavy duty routing of wood plastics and composites , CNC Robotic applications, 5 axis applications, patternmaking and model making. forced air option available.

2 pole and 4 pole variants available.


HSD Replacement Cartridges





We supply both new and service exchange cartridges for HSD spindles.

Cartridges built with high precision ceramic bearings and dynamically balanced to manufacturers tolerances.