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HSD ES919 Air Cooled Spindle

HSD ES919 (2)  HSD ES919

HSD ES919 Forced Air Cooled Spindle
9Kw – 380v – 24000rpm
HSK F63 or ISO30 Tooling
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Taper Cleaning Cone

These taper cleaning cones are used to clean the spindle nose taper on machines fitted with automatic toolchangers.

ISO 30 and HSK63 are available.


HSD Spindle Sensors

HSD Spindle Sensors.

ES919 tool clamped, ejected and rotation sensor.

Biesse Spindle

Biesse router spindle, used on earlier Biesse Rover.

24000rpm ISO30 toolholding


HSD ES919 HSK63 7.5kw

HSD ES919 HSK63 7.5kw modern toolholding giving superior loading properties and workpiece finish

HSD ES915 Spindle

3.8kw to 4.6 kw HSD spindle, 24000 rpm auto toolchange function.

Power S1/S6 3,8Kw/4,6Kw
Tool Clamping Automatic with pneumatic piston
Rated Voltage 380/220V
Poles 2
Bearings Front Ceramic or Steel
Bearings Rear Ceramic or Steel
Bearings lubrication Long Life lubricated
Max Rpm 24000,00
Weight 21,00Kg
Spindle Aluminium Alloy
Cooling Electric-Fan

Spindle used for CNC Robotic applications, 5 axis applications, patternmaking and modelmaking.



Although this spindle is now considered obsolete ,we do have access to new cartridges and can also offer a rebuild on you existing unit if required.


HSD ES909 ISO30 TC Spindle


The ES909 spindle is no longer available as a new item. CNC Support Ltd does have re furbished units in stock from time to time. We can rebuild these units or offer a new alternative replacement. Please contact us for further information.


CNC1090 High Speed Spindle

The CNC1090 router spindle is a 5.5kw 24000rpm unit suitable for precision high speed routing applications. It is used extensively by CNC Support Ltd for retrofit applications. The unit can be used to replace obsolete units from Colombo, Elte and other manufacturers.

CNC Support Ltd is the sole UK stockist of this spindle.

Weight 14.30 kg

CNC1073 Router Spindle


Rated Voltage 380 V ± 10%
Rated Frequency 300 Hz
Rated Current (S1Service S1
Function under constant load of a duration sufficient to allow the motor to attain a thermal equilibrium.
The corresponding abbreviation is S1. (Standard IEC EN 60034-1) ) 4 A
Rated Power (S1Service S1

Rated Torque (S1Service S1) 0.8 Nm
Rated Current (S6 40%) 4.8 A
Rated Power (S6 40%) 1.8 kW
Rated Torque (S6 40%) 0.95 Nm
Poles 2
Power factor cosφ 0.75
Rated efficiency η 0.75
Cooling Forced air cooling
Insulation class (EN60034) F
Protection type IP 50