Robotic applications

Robotic Routing Applications

CNC Support Ltd provides high speed router spindles for use in Robotic Applications.

We can supply complete solutions, from spindle supply to full equipment including complete wiring harnesses, inverters and pneumatics.
We have a good range of new spindles in stock for immediate delivery.

Light duty high speed Robotic routing –
1055 spindle
Medium applications
Heavy duty machining

We also supply 2 axis electrospindles for 5 axis CNC machining applications



HSD ES510 24kw spindle

ES510 HSk A63










This is a heavy duty asynchronous milling spindle for Steel, marble, stone and non ferrous products.
24kw 28kw/s2 and speeds up to 24000rpm.

Through spindle cooling via the rotary joint option.
380v 6 pole. Ceramic bearings.
Rated Torque S1/S6 38Nm/46Nm
Weight 75kg
We can supply this spindle complete with a fully closed loop inverter system.

Our inverter systems are compatible with all feedback systems and can be used with CAN bus, Profibus and Ethernet.

HSD ES939L 8Kw

HSD ES939  HSD ES939  HSD ES939

HSD ES939 Auto Toolchange Electro Spindle
ISO30 / HSK Option
Water Cooled / Forced Air Cooled
In stock for next day delivery

HSD ES327 spindle

ES327 CNC Support Ltd (2)  ES327 CNC Support Ltd (4)

HSD ES327 spindle.
Very high speed auto toolchange spindle. 50,000rpm
HSK E25 automatic tool holding
Liquid cooled
In stock

5 Axis CNC Router for sale

Sorry, this CNC machine is now sold

5 Axis ‘Pentaxial’ CNC Router 5 axis machine (twin tables)
7.5kw HSD Spindle
8 station automatic rotary tool magazine
Osai 510 series CN Controller
Recently fully refurbished
Ideal for Aerospace and Patternmaking

5 axis cnc router

Pentaxial CNC router, six axis CNC router with moving tables and fixed gantry. Osai 10/510i CNC controller.
X axis travel 2600mm Y axis travel 3000mm V axis travel 3000mm Z axis travel 700mm
Table sizes 2 x 1700 x 1000 or CNC linked 1700 x 2000mm Table working height 820mm Feed rates X axis 0-20m/min Y axis 0-20m/min Rapid X, Y axes 20m/min
1 off 7.5kw HSK63 HSD spindle ,high torque,24000rpm, 25mm max collet size. Ceramic bearings, fan cooled.
Rotary toolchange magazine with longer tooling extension pockets.
Vacuum table fitted with twin port system with M code control and safety equipment. Twin 140 cu m/hr vacuum pump split vac system.
The machine complies with PUWER 98 Full accoustic safety enclosure
Brushless servo drives, digital inverter. Spindle speeds fully programmable up to 24000rpm.
Suitable for composites, aluminium, wood and plastics.

HSD CNC1055-090 Mini Spindle


HSD MT1055-090 Spindle CNC1055
ER20 collet size
380 V
24000 rpm
Rear Mounted
Weighs 4Kg
Used in many Robotic Routing applications

Router spindle kit


CNC Support Ltd can supply router spindle kits. These kits can replace existing router spindles or mount onto other types of machinery. Kits can be complete with spindle, pre set inverter and cabling if necessary.
The images show the CNC1090 with a new digital inverter.

HSD ES794 spindle

ISO40 tool holders
Liquid cooled marble and stone application, with cooling through shaft:
Power S1/S6 6Kw/7,2Kw
Tool Blocking Automatic with pneumatic piston
Nose Short Nose
Ratered Voltage 380V
Encoder HSD
Poles 4
Bearings lubrification Long Life lubricated
Max Rpm 12000,00
Spindle Body Alluminium Alloy
Cooling Liquid

HSD ES330 spindle

Part number ES330 – H6161090A6
Power S1/S6 4,0Kw/4,5Kw
Tool Blocking Automatic with pneumatic piston Nose Short Nose
Rated Voltage 380V
Poles 4
Bearings Front Ceramic
Bearings Rear Ceramic
Bearings lubrication Long Life lubricated Max Rpm 24000,00 Spindle Body Alluminium Alloy Cooling Electic-Fan