Spindle Rebuilds

Woodworking Spindle Rebuild

CNC Router head and spindle rebuilds for Rye CNC and Wadkin CNC

Wadkin Rye Woodworking Spindles

CNC Support Ltd carries out router head rebuilds for Wadkin spindles and Rye spindles. These spindles, though obsolete can still offer many years of service. We have stock of exchange rebuilt spindles available next day.

See also http://www.cncspindles.co.uk/

Our dedicated spindle rebuild department is staffed by engineers with rebuild experience dating back to the inception of CNC into the woodworking industry. To avoid downtime during rebuild we offer loan heads for most CNC machines, SCM Rye Wadkin.

Using the latest in spindle condition monitoring technology

• Imbalance • Mechanical condition (vibration) • Bearing condition (vibration) • Tool nose run-out • Clamp force • EM distance (ISO / HSK) • Belt tension • Speed accuracy • Resonance frequency • Balancing

Anderson 577 Spindle


Anderson Spindle, Rebuild and Repair

380 Volts
26 A
600 Hz
4 Pole
24000 RPM
Clamping Interface HSK 63F
Water cooled

Rear Mounted



Homag Spindle


Homag Spindle, Repair and Rebuild.

HSK63 toolholding
Rear Mounted


HSD CNC1073 Spindle


CNC1073 Spindles have Er25 Tool Holding.

They are used on a variety of CNC Machines and in Robotic machining applications.

We have new Spindles in stock or we can rebuild your existing Spindle.

380 Volts

24000 RPM


Rear Mounted

Uses ER25 Collets

Weighs 8.7Kg

Homag Spindle Long Nose Series


Omlat Spindle, Rebuild and Repair

380 V

600 Hz

24000 RPM

Rear Mounted

Used on CMS, Wadkin and Homag Machines.

Uses ISO 30 and ISO 40 Tool Holders

Omlat Spindle


Full rebuild of Omlat 12kw
24000 rpm
Rear Mounted
Water cooled. Fully ceramic bearings
sed on Maka CNC Machines

Double Ended Colombo Spindle

Rebuild and repair of Colombo RC110.22 double ended spindle                          

Side Mounted


HSD CNC1055-090 Mini Spindle


HSD MT1055-090 Spindle CNC1055
ER20 collet size
380 V
24000 rpm
Rear Mounted
Weighs 4Kg
Used in many Robotic Routing applications


HSD ES929  HSD ES929

New HSD ES929 In Stock
Long Nose and short nose versions in stock.
These spindles can be fitted to Masterwood, Homag ,Weeke and other modern CNC machining centres.
Fan Cooled or Air Cooled
ISO30 and HSK63F Tool Clamping
Rear Mounted
We can also offer a rapid rebuild service, bringing the spindles back to manufacture specification.

Omlat Spindle Rebuild water cooled spindles


We offer full rebuild services for the Omlat range of water cooled spindles. These spindles are used on the following CNC machines –


We can cater for all of the frame sizes. The rebuild incorporates the best quality high precision ceramic bearings. We use the latest in dynamic balancing technology.

We don’t just rebuild the spindles. We can deal with tool release issues, damaged release mechanisms and gripper assemblies.

Spindles are run in using dedicated spindle specific test simulators.

Zeichng Number – E13770M        Serial Number – 18107H05

Zeichng Number – 06656              Serial Number – 043234

Zeichng Number –  06724200       Teile Number – 2-017-95-2721

Zeichng Number – 06656200       Serial Number – 071418