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HSD Aggregate

HSD Aggregate IMG_2389

Horizontal boring and routing
HSK F63 Coupling

HSD ER25 Aggregate


We have a number of configurations of Aggregate cutting heads for use in either ISO30 or HSK63F toolchange spindles.

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HSD Floating head aggregate HSK63

HSD Floating head aggregate HSD Floating Head Aggregate.

Allows consistent depth cutting where the product surface may not be consistent.

Available for HSK63 or ISO30 toolholding.

Offered for our range of CNC Dynamics new CNC routers.




HSK E25 Holder Tool Clip

HSK E 25 Tool Clip HSK E 25 Tool Clip

HSK E25 Tool Clip CNC Support Toolchangers
Used to retain the tool holder for automatic toolchangers.

HSK E25 Toolholder

HSK E 25 
HSK E 25 Toolholder

ER16 Collet and Nut Size
In stock for next day delivery
Also available, collets, collet spanner and tool clips.

HSK63 Gripper assembly

We stock the HSK63 gripper assembly for many popular spindle manufacturers.

Petal collets for HSK63F

HSK Gripper AssemblyHSK63F Gripper Assembly

Toolholder Tornado Spandex Tekcel ER32

ER32 ISO30 Long Series

ER32 ISO30 toolholder

Longer series body, suitable for Spandex Tornado machines, Tekcel and similar.

Part number 17049

ISO 30 toolholder 17076

Oz25 Toolholder

ISO 30 toolholder Part number – 17076

Takes 444 type collet 3mm to 25mm

ISO30 taper

Din 6987

ER32 collet

ER32 collets from stock, all sizes available.


Collet 17068

Collet used for Andi and Rye toolholding.

Range 3mm to 25mm or imperial equivelant.

Collet nuts and / or auto TC toolholders also available.


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