Tooling and Collets

Router spindle kit


CNC Support Ltd can supply router spindle kits. These kits can replace existing router spindles or mount onto other types of machinery. Kits can be complete with spindle, pre set inverter and cabling if necessary.
The images show the CNC1090 with a new digital inverter.

Wadkin Collet

Wadkin collets for –

Wadkin F head

Wadkin LC head (with adaptor)


Toolholders and collets


   CNC Support stocks most sizes and types of toolholders and collets. 






Wadkin 100TG Collet

Wadkin 100TG Collet.


Taper Cleaning Cone

These taper cleaning cones are used to clean the spindle nose taper on machines fitted with automatic toolchangers.

ISO 30 and HSK63 are available.



ISO30 toolholders
ER40 collet capacity
Collet sizes for tooling up to 1″ or 25mm shank
Part number 17061

ER40 Toolholder      ER40 Collets    ER40 Tooling