CNC Router Pattern Making

Our CNC Routers can be used for pattern making. We supply machines of either 5 axis or 3 axis configuration for this application. Many components can be created using 3 axis machines. We can supply machines with extra capacity Z axis travel giving a very tall machining envelope. Couple this physical capability with one of our high speed digital CNC controllers and you have the ideal patternmaking CNC router.

We can supply CadCam systems with 3 and 5 axis capability. Extremely large part programs can be created but are easily handled by our latest CNC control products.


8 x 4 CNC Router with Num CNC

Re engineered CNC router with full 8 x 4 capacity. Recently upgraded with NumPower CNC controller featuring high speed contouring ,massive part program storage. Part program loading via USB, Wired or Wireless networking.     

CNC Router with Num CNC system

3 axis CNC router with fixed 8 x 4 bed. 7.5kw spindle with auto toolchanger and new Num CNC controller.     


Bosch PS75 power card

Bosch PS75

Used in Bosch CNC racks for CC100 CC120 CC220 etc

MG3020 Multi Head CNC Router

Rye MG3020 10′ x 5′ CNC Router.
3050 x 1560 bed size.
Multi spindle, parallel machining.

Num 750 CRT

Num 750 CRT units. We also Num720 Num1020 Num 1040 subject to availablilty.


Bosch CC PS100 card

Bosch CC PS100 card

For CC100 CC120 CC220 CC320


Bosch CC300 Mem4 card

Bosch CC300 Mem4 card



Bosch CC keyboard

Bosch CC keyboard


Bosch CC300 CP2 card

Bosch CC300 CP2 card