Bosch Typ 1 OSA

Bosch Typ 1 OSA. Replacement PC, CNC or data and operating system restoration.


Bosch CC220 CNC Rack

Bosch CC220 CNC Rack with integral PLC.

CNC Applications

Door manufacturing

CNC Support Ltd can supply bespoke CNC machines for the production of composite and timber doors. Machines can be supplied with various options –

Window aperture cut outs
Door sizing
Lock Mortis
Hinge rebates

Rietschle VFT250 vanes

Rietschle VFT250 vacuum pump blades / vanes.
In stock


Rietschle VFT100 Vacuum Pump Vane

Rietschle VFT100 Vacuum Pump Vane.

Rietschle TR80 vacuum pump

Rietschle TR80 vacuum pump. Used on many types of Wadkin CNC router. We can supply replacement pumps, or new vanes and filters.


Bosch CC100 CC120 CNC control

Bosch CC100 CC120 CNC control

Bosch CC100 CC120 Manual Panel

Bosch CC100 CC120 Manual Panel


Andi CNC Router Service

We offer spindle rebuild for Andi CNC machines.

Andi Stratos



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