Isoflux Bosch 444 Servomotor

Isoflux Bosch 444 Servomotor used on Wadkin CNC routers with DC servo drives X Y and braked Z axis.


SEM MT30 Servo Motor

SEM MT30 Servo Motor

Used on SCM and Rye CNC MT30 U4-48 XY axis and 24volt braked Z axis.


Masterwood CNC Machines

We can provide full service back up for Masterwood CNC Machines. From a machine fault or breakdown through to PMA and spindle repair and replacement.

If you have a problem with your Masterwood CNC machine please give us a call , we may be able to assist, quickly.


Bosch CC100 CC120 Large CRT keypad

Bosch CC100 CC120 Large CRT keypad. Part number 4015


Bosch CC100 CC120 MTB keypad

Bosch CC100 CC120 MTB keypad. Part number 4008

Bosch CC100 CC120 small CRT Keypad

Bosch CC100 CC120 small CRT Keypad . Part number 4014

Bosch CC100 CC120 battery

Bosch CC100 CC120 battery. Direct replacement for Panasonic PX-19 PX19 or Matsushita PX19.

Part number 401662

SEM MT40 servo motor

Exchange SEM MT40 servo motors fom stock.

Used on Rye CNC routers with DC drives.

Wadkin LC Head

CNC Support Ltd can offer re furbished replacement wadkin LC heads or complete rebuild on your Wadkin LC head. Our staff have been building Wadkin spindles for the past 25 years.

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CMS Spindle Repair

We provide service and support for a number of CMS machine installations. We can provide spindle rebuilds for all the spindle types used on these machines.