Masterwood Spindle Repair

We have in stock various HSD spindles suitable for fitting on the Masterwood range of CNC machining centres.

We can also rebuild your Masterwood spindle.

Our engineers are fully conversant with your Masterwood CNC machine. We can deal with Masterwood machine breakdown. If your spindle has failed we can provide a full removal, repair and re fit service.

Wadkin F type head

Wadkin F type head 415volt 140 volt.

We have exchange units, outright purchase units or we can rebuild your spindle. Greased for life or oil type.


We also have smooth bodied F type spindles for the Wadkin CC2000 type machines.

Wadkin TC head

Wadkin TC head, used on Wadkin Olympus and Wadkin UX with auto toolchangers.

Full rebuild of customers unit or service exchange.


Num 1020 and 1040 Screen Unit

Num 1020 and 1040 MP50 keyboard / CRT operator interface. Used on many machines including Wadkin UX and Wadkin Omega CNC Routers.


Colombo 12hp toolchange spindle

Colombo 12hp toolchange spindle. 16hp also available. Rebuild or supply complete

CT Maestro DC Servo Pack

Modern controller used with DC servo motors.

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Bosch CP mem 4 or 5

CP Mem 4 / 5 – 1mb 15f 32m.g
CP mem card bosch CC120 high speed processor and options loaded

Bosch CP mem cards for all the CC range

Bosch CP mem cards for all the CC range

Bosch servo card

We have in stock most servo card options for the Bosch CC range. From 3 axis to 7 axes.


Vacuum pump vanes

Rietschle and Becker vacuum filters and vanes.
New vacuum pumps from stock

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Bosch SM10/20 TC TA servo pack 1070060840

Bosch SM10/20 TC TA servo pack 1070060840

Bosch SM TA TC 1070060840

Bosch SM TA TC 1070060840