Vacuum systems

Vacuum Pods

CNC Dynamics Vacuum Pod, Aluminium Case, Phenolic Top, Suitable with all our Dynamics Machines. Part No Р6118

Vacuum Pod  Vacuum Pod   Vacuum Pod


Vacuum Rubber Seal – Rectangular

Square / rectangular section vacuum rubber, often used on Wadkin CNC Routers but suitable for any CNC machine.
8mm x 10mm section.
Part number 19002


TR80 Vacuum Pump Vanes

TR80 Vacuum Pump Vanes, used in Rietschle TR80 vacuum pump. Predominantly Wadkin CNC routers.

Part number 19021

Rietschle VFT100 Vacuum Pump Vane

Rietschle VFT100 Vacuum Pump Vane.

Rietschle VFT100 vacuum pump

Rietschle VFT100 vacuum pump. Used on many types of Rye CNC router. We can supply replacement pumps, or new vanes and filters.


Vacuum Rubber Seal – round

Neoprene vacuum rubber for CNC routing applications. Various sizes in stock.

Round cross section. We also stock rectangular section.


 Vacuum Gasket