CNC Routers in stock

//CNC Routers in stock


We currently have the following machines available.

Please email or call for more information.

  • SCM Record 220. Num CNC system, 7.5kw spindle. Auto toolchanger. Becker 250 pump
  • Rye MG3020 with 8 station auto toolchanger and new CNC Retrofitted system.
  • Rye MG2420 Multi head 8 x 4 vacuum matrix bed. New NumPass CNC system
  • MA1500 gemini 1700 x 1000 CNC router with 8 station auto toolchanger and new NumPass CNC system.

New CNC Dynamics routers in stock –
3m x 2m
10′ x 5′
8′ x 4′

Any of our machines can be offered with customer specific functions. –

Auto loaders
Reverse engineering functions
Specific HSE functionality
A whole range of spindle options. Routing, Milling, Drilling, Knife cutting.

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