HSD 1073 CNC Router Spindle

//HSD 1073 CNC Router Spindle


Rated Voltage 380 V ± 10%
Rated Frequency 300 Hz
Rated Current (S1Service S1
Function under constant load of a duration sufficient to allow the motor to attain a thermal equilibrium.
The corresponding abbreviation is S1. (Standard IEC EN 60034-1) ) 4 A
Rated Power (S1Service S1

Rated Torque (S1Service S1) 0.8 Nm
Rated Current (S6 40%) 4.8 A
Rated Power (S6 40%) 1.8 kW
Rated Torque (S6 40%) 0.95 Nm
Poles 2
Power factor cosφ 0.75
Rated efficiency η 0.75
Cooling Forced air cooling
Insulation class (EN60034) F
Protection type IP 50

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