5 Axis CNC Machinery

//5 Axis CNC Machinery

5 Axis CNC Router

We have a number of customers using various types of 5 axis machinery.

We can assist with service requirements, spindle repair and also high speed spindle rebuild for these types of machine.
We are suppliers of HSD spindles.

HSD HS655 spindle


We also carry out modern 5 axis CNC retrofit for 5 axis applications. Popular 5 axis CNC controls are NumPower, Num Flexium, Osai 510 CNC.These are popular replacements for the BWO 900 CNC controller.

We can re align and calibtrate all 5 axes and provide features such as ‘Tool Centre Point Rotation’ or tool tip programming.

We can also retrofit complete automatic toolchangers and replacement spindles.

5 Axis Servicing

5 Axis Retrofit

5 Axis Re Commissioning

5 Axis Applications

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