CNC Dynamics Re Engineered CNC Router SOLD

//CNC Dynamics Re Engineered CNC Router SOLD


MG3020 CNC router.
Heavy duty 3 axis CNC router with moving gantry and fixed table. New CNC control fitted.
Twin parallel machining.
Complete vacuum and matrix system.

Our re engineered CNCDynamics are pre owned machines with modifications and upgrades to make them highly competitive for modern industry. We carefully select our used machines and base this selection on condition and history. These machines prove to be a very good cost effective and reliable solution for modern manufacturing demands where new machinery is perhaps not the best option.
All our machines are delivered, installed, commissioned and warranted. We provide complete training and future technical support. It’s a full package, just like buying a new machine.
cnc router numpass Numpass cnc retrofit cnc router for sale

New  CNC  system using Num MMI operator interface on Windows 7. This is a dedicated modern CNC controller with high speed contouring functions, smooth data transfer and ample CNC memory.

Bed size 3020mm x 1560mm
8x4 router

The machine has twin 5kw electrospindles. These units run at 18000rpm. Tool shank sizes between 3mm and 25mm can be used. Spare spindles and rebuilds are readily available.

The spindles are inverter driven and therefore have fully variable speeds.

Vacuum table fitted with twin port system with M code control and safety equipment 140 cu m/hr vacuum pump split vac system. Optional Becker 250 cubic metre pump.

The machine complies with PUWER 98

Brushless servo drives. Spindle speeds fully programmable up to 18000rpm.

Suitable for composites, aluminium, wood and plastics.

The machine has been fitted with the latest NumPass CNC system from CNC Support Ltd

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