CNC Re Engineering

//CNC Re Engineering

Num Flexium CNC DynamicsCNC Support Ltd can retrofit a new CNC control to your machine. We provide our customers with options on the type of CNC controller rather than just offering one product.

We can retrofit complete digital or analogue CNC systems. We also retrofit new HSD spindle systems.

CNC Support Ltd is the approved systems integrator for Num CNC. We offer the Num 1020 and Num 1040 range of systems plus the Num Flexium digital CNC.


We have a new high speed 5 axis conversion package now available.
CNC Support offers a range of CNC controller upgrades replacing early units which have limited Ram memory and poor contouring.
We can also offer retrofitted router spindles and electro spindles.

CNC control retrofit
5 axis CNC conversions.
CNC Routing with automation.
Automatic toolchanger retrofit.
Vacuum pump systems.
Renishaw probing systems.


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