CNC Router MG3020 New CNC Controller

//CNC Router MG3020 New CNC Controller
3 Axis MG3020CNC Router
Multi head
New CNC controller

This machine is now sold

MG3020 CNC router, 3 axis CNC router with moving gantry and fixed table.
New  CNC  system using Num MMI operator interface on Windows XP. This is a dedicated modern CNC controller with high speed contouring functions.
Machine can be offered with this spec or with new CNC controller and automatic toolchanging.


X axis travel                          3050mm
Y axis travel                          2000mm
Z axis travel                          180mm
Table size                             3050×1550mm
Table working height                          920mm
Feed rates             X axis     0-15m/min           

                                Y axis     0-15m/min
Rapid                    X, Y axes                20m/min               

The machine is fitted with two HT5 router spindles on adjustable centres. These units run at 18000rpm. Tool shank sizes between 3mm and 25mm can be used. Spare spindles and rebuilds are readily available.
The machine is also fitted with a six spindle multi borer. Drills are 10mm shank.

 The spindles are inverter driven and therefore have fully variable speeds. Both spindles can be run at the same time or individually.

Vacuum table fitted with twin port system with M code control and safety equipment
140 cu m/hr vacuum pump split vac system.

The machine complies with PUWER 98
Full accoustic safety enclosure

Brushless servo drives, digital inverter. Spindle speeds fully programmable up to 18000rpm.

Suitable for composites, aluminium, wood and plastics.




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