HSD HS655 Electro Spindle

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HS655 2 axis electrospindle

2 axis electro spindle from HSD. Used with 5 axis machinery.
The unit can be supplied with different servo products.
Standard Servomotors: Yaskawa, Num, Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor, Baumueller, Mitsubishi, Osai
A Axis stall / max torque: 400Nm; 1000Nm
C Axis stall / max torque C: 500Nm; 1200Nm
Clamping torque Axes brakes A; C: /
Max speed Axes A; C: 170° sec ; 270° sec
Axis positioning accuracy: 60 arcsec; 60 arcsec (30 arcsec with Axes Encoder)
A Axes rotation ±120°
C Axes rotation ±245°
C Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): option
A Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): no
Direct Axis encoder: option (AMO)
Axes Brakes: no
Weight: ~120kg

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