MG3020 Multi Head CNC Router

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Rye MG3020 10′ x 5′ CNC Router.
3050 x 1560 bed size.
Multi spindle, parallel machining.

Rye MG3020 CNC router, three axis CNC router with fixed table and moving gantry.

X axis travel  3050mm  
Y axis travel  2400mm  
Z axis travel  180mm  
Table size  3050×1550mm  
Table working height  920mm  
Feed rates  X axis 0-15m/min 
Y axis 0-15m/min 
Rapid X, Y axes  20m/min  

4 of 4.8kw perske spindles ,18000rpm, 25mm max collet size.
4 of Perske 1.5kw 18000rpm router spindles
4 of electric drill units 0.75 kw


For multiple tooling or parallel machining of more than one component.

Hinged acoustic head guard and machine guard with E Stop buffer
Set of two machine mounted cycle start/stop and vacuum table controls
MG3020 vacuum table fitted with twin port system with push button control and safety equipment

Twin 100 cu m/hr vacuum pump split vac system.   
Bosch CC120 controller 7688k ram memory 250mm CRT 15mhz high speed processor and handwheel.
Bosch CC120 CNC control mounted in free standing mobile trolley

Extraction shut off system   

The machine complies with PUWER 98
 Standard features  
  Teach in function  
  Velocity feed forward  
  Inch / metric programming 
  Helical cutting  
  Cutter compensation  
  Battery backed memory

 Brushless servo drives, digital inverter. Spindle speeds fully programmable up to 24000rpm.

Suitable for composites, aluminium, wood and plastics.


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