Wadkin UX Patternmaker

//Wadkin UX Patternmaker
3 axis CNC router with single moving table and a fixed toolchanging router head.Fully re engineered with modern Osai CNC controller. Ideally suited to patternmaking ,engineering plastics, composites etc.  



Wadkin UX CNC router 

Re engineered with new Osai CNC controller, Perske 4.8kw 18000rpm spindle. Collet sizes available 3mm to 25mm.

CNC Controller

Machine to be fitted with a new Osai 10/110 CNC control in a mobile trolley.NEW Osai 10/110 CNC controller – details at https://www.cncsupport.co.uk/osai.htm

This controller is a modern Industrial unit with PC architecture.
It can be connected to you existing factory network for instant file transfer from you CadCam system.

The controller has defined directories, therefore multiple programs can be stored within the machine.
This controller has friendly operator interface and is easy to use.
Spares and tech support are readily available.

This is the current CNC product fitted by leading machine manufacturers

Massive part program storage capacity
Individual directory storage for part programs
Networking of the CNC ,the working program directories can be accessed over your existing network. Part programs can be ‘drag and dropped’ onto the machine memory from the office PC, without interrupting production.
Working program directories can be easily backed up from the office using mapped network drives.
Contouring , cutting speeds and component quality can be improved over older CNC controllers.

Osai 10/110
800 megabytes program storage – Hard drive
400mhz CPU ,8 Mbytes Ram
10.4″ tft colour operator console keyboard interface.
3 encoder channels 4 d/A converters 1 Ad Converter (12 bits)
48 local inputs (10ma) 24 local output (300ma)
Touch probe input
Ethernet interface

The machine has a vacuum matrix table and associated pipework.
The machine frame is a Wadkin moving bed CNC router. This particular machine is of very robust construction and was designed  for aerospace and plastics as opposed to the traditional  wood applications.

It is completely stripped to its 3 axes and is awaiting retrofit of a new CNC control and spindles.

It also has a vacuum matrix table.
Positioning resolution 0.01mm
Traverse rates 0 – 12m min
The machine has modern brushless servo drives and covered 25 and 50mm diameter ballscrews.

Z capacity is 350mm
Throat capacity of the machine is 400mm (maximum component height)
Bed size is 1740 x 1340, this table can be extended to allow the box fixture to overhang the front of the machine.

Machine footprint is 4.1m from a wall, 3.5m wide

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