Woodworking Spindle Rebuild

//Woodworking Spindle Rebuild

CNC Router head and spindle rebuilds for Rye CNC and Wadkin CNC

Wadkin Rye Woodworking Spindles

CNC Support Ltd carries out router head rebuilds for Wadkin spindles and Rye spindles. These spindles, though obsolete can still offer many years of service. We have stock of exchange rebuilt spindles available next day.

See also http://www.cncspindles.co.uk/

Our dedicated spindle rebuild department is staffed by engineers with rebuild experience dating back to the inception of CNC into the woodworking industry. To avoid downtime during rebuild we offer loan heads for most CNC machines, SCM Rye Wadkin.

Using the latest in spindle condition monitoring technology

• Imbalance • Mechanical condition (vibration) • Bearing condition (vibration) • Tool nose run-out • Clamp force • EM distance (ISO / HSK) • Belt tension • Speed accuracy • Resonance frequency • Balancing

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